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movie chronicles

This is a year by year, country by country, genre by genre... (you get the idea) history of film which relates back to general history. It is designed as a resource (for those interested in taking a deeper dive into film) and as entertainment (for those who which just like to know the general shape of the road.

Dec 25, 2020

This episode features New Zealand and Pacifica films from 2020.

Films: - Triple Scoop, Childhood Room, Missy Fishy, Stuntman, Money Honey, Alien Addiction.

Merry Christmas

Dec 18, 2020

Disney films from 1934. Feel the kitten hate....

Dec 11, 2020

Once more into the breach, dear friends. Back to the last year of WWWI to watch: - WW1 - The St Mihiel Drive, The Sinking Of The Lusitania, W.S.S. Thriftees

Dec 5, 2020

A special annoucement: Movie Chronicles will be published once a week for the next six weeks.  The Film Fanatics conclude their discussion of "War And Peace"

Dec 1, 2020

This epic length episode is brought to by:- "The Miracle Worker", & "The Mutiny On The Bounty".

Music:- Hansel And Gretel Overture, Engelbert Humperdinck