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movie chronicles

This is a year by year, country by country, genre by genre... (you get the idea) history of film which relates back to general history. It is designed as a resource (for those interested in taking a deeper dive into film) and as entertainment (for those who which just like to know the general shape of the road.

Jan 27, 2018

Films: Butterfield 8, The Trials Of Oscar Wilde, Midnight Lace, Spartacus, The World Of Suzie Wong.

Music: Steve Lawrence - Pretty Blue Eyes, Jeanne Black - He'll Have To Stay, Floyd Cramer - Last Date, Sam Cook - Chain Gang, Bobby Darin - Beyond The Sea

Jan 20, 2018

Films: M, Kameradshaft, Que Viva Mexico, Limite

Jan 13, 2018

Films: 20th Century Women, Captain Fantastic, Little Men, Les Demons, Being 17

Jan 5, 2018

So many films... so little time. Refreshed from the holidays our examination of films continues...

[Music Cue: Theme To Star Wars]

Music: 1905, Shona Laing.

Films: Too numerous to mention